Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Themes and Wallpapers: It's Your Choice

-By Pratikshya Kattel

Parjwal Kattel (18) a student from Xavier International College says theme and wallpapers should be changed frequently to give a fresh look to the mobile set. User of N-72 model, Kattel likes to use thrilling themes and wallpapers. He says, "you can see here in my set--I am using the image of snakes as flowers and celebrities' pictures are very common to set as wallpaper or theme."

Mobile should be attractive but attractive themes and wallpapers used in it give colour to the mobile set, says Kattel.
Kattel has stored some 60 thrilling themes and 83 wallpapers in his mobile, so that he could change as per his mood. The main source for collecting themes and wallpapers are friend's mobiles (via blutooth, infrared etc.) and internet.

According to Nisha Thapa (17), student at Madan Bhandari Memorial College, Ratopool, changing themes and wallpapers give new look to the mobile. She has saved 32 themes and 41 wallpapers in her mobile. She has been using image of rose as wallpaper. She loves to change them according to her wish-- once/twice/thrice a week. Mobile should be eye-catching and themes and wallpaper is the way to make it, she says.

Nistha Adhakari (20), from Golden Gate International College Battishputali also likes to change

themes and wallpapers frequently. Nistha has been using the them of watch in her cell. She says, "I love watches. I have so many wrist watches and when I apply a theme of clock once, it works to me for 1/2 weeks. After then, I apply another theme and wallpaper. I use wallpapers of my own photo too. "

Mobile is to communicate but it may be to show as well. You can attract your friends with demonstrating new, thrilling, and attractive themes, wallpaper and screen saver.


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nice article

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good, i just made many new emo backgrounds on my blog

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