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What Makes Your Mobile Attractive ?

Nearly a decade back, there was a time when a few elites accessed the mobile phones in Kathmandu. Holding the mobilephone was a dream for average Nepali citizen at that time. But today, the use of mobile phone is so common that you will merely see a person without mobile. Obviously mobile is a tool to communicate, but it is not only that for the users. When you own a new mobile set from the market, it is almost empty but within a few days your set will be decorated with full of application and the data. Should mobile be more attractive or themes, wallpapers or other attractive data stored in it? Some people opine that the set and the data keep no importance while other say set itself is important and the data adds more beauty to it. I had talked with some celebrities-for Nepalipatra what they think about mobile phones.

I owned New Set
It's been just two months that I changed the mobile set. I owned N Series 73 which has duel SIM facility. I don’t know exactly how much I afforded for it but its okay for me. I have transferred almost data from the replaced one to new one.

I guess there are over 150 photos in my set and most of which are of myself. I don't know the numbers but there are enough songs in the memory stick of my set. I prefer to use my own picture as wallpaper. The facilities available in your set can be exploited. I am doing the same but essentially mobile is to communicate. Communication should be the primary asset of the mobile phone.
Namrata Shrestha

Why to Let Memory Go Empty?

Some two or three years ago, I had owned Nokia 73 paying 22 thousand rupees and it is still working. I don't think I will buy next one till it works.

Of course mobile is to communicate but if you have enough memory in your stick, why to let it go empty. My mobile is full of songs, photos, wallpaper pictures, themes and screen saver.
Picture of Che Guevara, international guerilla leader and Priety Zinta are my ideal personalities. Pictures of them are part of my mobile. Beside that, heritages like old cities, great wall of china, Italian paintings are my most preferred scenes for wallpaper.

I have used the song 'Samjhauta' sung by Reema Gurung as ring tone of my mobile. This song gives different sort of pleasure to me. I had really loved this song since I acted in 'Saano Sansar'
Jeevan Luitel

Data in Memory Matters the Set

I use 93 I Nokia set which I bought paying Rs.72 thousand cash. I believe that the data I store in my mobile set matters for me. I like to use camera installed in my mobile set rather than using separate camera as it is easier for me. I visit temple in leisure time. As soon as I reach temple, I use mobile to shoot the picture. There will be numbers of pictures of temples if you see the data in the memory stick of my mobile. It is not only the matter of picture, there are dozens of songs in my mobile but I prefer the song of Narayan Gopal and Aruna Lama. They are not apart from my mobile.
Ringtone also gives some sort of pleasure if you have set the tone of your choice. Yes,'Mugling Pari Tarera Gandagi… Hatt ma Chura Chha Hai Chura Chha' is one of my most preferred song not only because I acted in that song but because it is really nice to be set in my cell as ring tone.
Wallpapers of my mobile are not always same. I frequently change. The pictures of my dad, mom, wife and kid take turn to be set as wallpaper in the mobile. Sorry. I don’t have girl friend.
Ramit Dhungana

Ganesh in Wallpaper

It is Samsung- 22 I have been using. I don't like to spend hours in playing with mobile but sometimes I don't forget to change wallpaper and screen saver. But other scenes and pictures rarely get change to replace god Ganesh and Goddess Devi from wallpaper. I have stored some songs of Nepali movies which I listen when I'm in mood.
Ranju Lamichhane

Mobile Set Does Not Make You Genuine

I don't care how should be the set and how expensive should it be. I think mobile is just to communicate with the people around you. As an actress, I have to be in touch with my director, producer, colleagues and family members, I can't discard the mobile phone but I don’t think the set makes you genuine.

I don’t know the model of the mobile set I have been using indeed. I had bought it some one and half years back and I will be using it until it stops functioning. And I'm not that much interested in wallpapers, theme and the application.
Rekha Thapa

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